Gerardo Udi Mandujano

One quote I have loved since the 90's is: "CARPE DIEM" 

One quote I have loved since the 90's is:


Gerardo is photographer with a passion for ORIGINALITY and CREATIVE images. He puts heart and mind together in achieving images that will speak for themselves. 

Okay... that was too formal and boring, I will tell you this. I am a very outgoing, silly, smiley kind of guy. I enjoy many things in life but one for sure is to see YOU reacting joyfully towards what you have paid me for, which means your portrait or your wedding event. I strive always for something creative, something original, something that will make us both smile and say wow.

Now some facts about me
Born in México City
Attended Dallas Institute of Arts
Birthday: 02/05
Relationship status: Engaged to my art!
Favorite lens:  Nikon 14-24mm
Favorite thing about being a wedding photographer: Sharing the emotions, nervousness and anticipation of such a great moment in life that surely deserves preservation via digital pictures.
Most prized possession:  My memories and family.