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This is my photo blog that will be displaying my latest photography of events and couples.

Claudia + Marcelo


Claudia is one of the most social persons that I've known. She basically was more into the her single life and focused in her career and it has always been a happy moment whenever I would see her or talk to her and her friends. Then She and Marcelo wanted to participate in the FREE WEDDING COLLECTION of 2013 CONTEST and, even though they were not the winners, they hired my services and her pics came out fantastic. I asked her to tell me about their story as a couple and this is what she told me:

Many have said falling in love is a wonderful experience and each one of us should embrace it, no matter how many times our heart has gone through heartbreak. I was a person who tried not to embrace love; frankly I wasn’t even looking for it! Why? Well, I would make excuses for myself: “I’m too young,” “I want to finish school first,” “I have lots friends, I don’t need anyone else,” “I want to be independent for a while.”Were they excuses? Maybe, but now looking back, I think my reasoning’s were a defense mechanism to protect myself from the unknown. Never did I experience a gist of a cute love story until now.

Our love story began at a party. What a better place to meet someone than in a party, right?! Not the most conventional way I must admit, but yet, that is how our story began. My now husband, Marcelo, told one of his friends that girl, referring to me, is going to be my wife. They giggled and told him he was crazy. He later told me that he laughed out loud but knew it would come true. We met that night and the connection was immediate. I was still guarded with my feelings; however, one of Marcelo’s beautiful qualities is his patience and persistence. Four years have passed since that night, and not everything has been roses, but with effort and understanding, we have grown stronger as a couple. He has become my truest friend and confidant. Which in my view, is the basis of any solid relationship, after all else fades, love and friendship is the glue.

“You were well worth the wait,” is what I keep hearing from Marcelo, but I consider myself to be the lucky one. Finally, I have found someone not to walk in front of or behind me, but with me. There is no greater blessing! I would love to share the middle of our love story, our wedding, to our family and friends for years to come, what better way than with Gerardo’s beautiful portraits. We would be very grateful for our special moments to be captured by him. 

I am truly happy to see my brides and clients trust their special day to me. THANK YOU so much Claudia and Marcelo. Now guys go check out her pictures guys