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This is my photo blog that will be displaying my latest photography of events and couples.

Mirsa + Cruz Bridal Se


Mirsa and Cruz have been loving loyal clients and I have no ways to express my gratitude towards them for their love and support. The fact that they had the confidence and total inclination to hire me as their photographer for this and many other amazing sessions makes me cherish them in a special way. The idea of a session in a hot air balloon was so surprising to me that I decided to bring a friend to record video for this session and the moment when we lift up and experience the skies in a hot air balloon.

The couple looked amazing and happy. And you can bet your butt I was more than happy with a big, I mean HUGE SMILE in my face when we were there, at the field and ready to fly away.  If you ever want to fly in a hot air balloon I suggest you go ahead and do it without fear... IT IS AMAZING!. I want to also thank my friend and fellow photographer Germain for always being a good friend and supporter.

and here are some of my favorite pictures of this amazing day