GM photo and video




I consider myself an artist... a good one too. I believe weddings are a memorable celebration where couples can reflect how beautiful, loving and lasting their union will be. This is where my valuable services come in handy. I will be the heirloom creator of your special memories.

My clients value creativity, art, love and life just like an artist.

If you are a couple or someone "who" is looking for singularity, creativity and value art, I would love to hear your story. Let's open a line of trust and bondage by going over your plans and expectations for your special session or event. My event collections start at $2,980 for photography services. If you are looking for both photo and video I also have collections including both services.

For detailed pricing please fill out the short form by clicking the contact button above and I will be in touch within 48 hours or if you prefer we have a nice talk, you can reach me here 214.773.4379

Hope to hear from you soon.